Friday, December 15, 2006


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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Ciara on Wendy Williams

Download the interview Here- Ciaraonwendywilliams.mp3
Ciara talks to Wendy Williams about Breast Implants, Bow Wow, and um....SHE ASKS HER IF SHE IS A HERMAPHRODITE! NO SHIT! I wouldn't even be that brave. She actually handles herself very well in this interview and took the tough questions with class. The whole interview is a bit long so I will add in a brief description.

So here is her Response to Breast Implants: I haven't really thought about it.

Here is her response to being a Hermaphrodite: Mentioned (first at 6:40 in the second video) and (7:16). It was first mentioned in passing then it was asked again (7:16) and Ciara kinda laughed nervously and said that she dealt with it all through high school and that it "is what it is" .

The DJ tells her that she needs some grown man sex, haha! And they also mention that she is a bootleg Aaliyah. She responds that she is honored to be mentioned in the same sentence as Aaliyah, and that she is one of a kind. She did seem a bit peeved about it.

She was also asked when she lost her virginity and she responds, "Oh my goodness, you are funny. I am not answering that!"

Interview Part One:

Interview Part Two:

Interview Part Three:
Not Added. Nothing of interest, really. Check below for a link to download the whole interview if you like.

Download the interview Here- Ciaraonwendywilliams.mp3

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Ciara Videos- Evidence?

Here is Ciara's Video "Oh" which I think is lovely and she looks great in

Ciara's "One Two Step" I always thought she looked a little Man-ish in this one

Here is an interview with um "Bow Wow?" about the rumour

Ciara OOPS! Hairy Crotch Shot

Here is a photo that I hope you all will be able to stomach...actually made me limp for a good hour.I think this will only fuel the controversy but it may hush some of the critics...what do you think?

Let's examine some photographs

The proof is in the pudding, or so they say. I actually believe that the proof is in the pictures and I think that you may agree with me after you examine them for yourself.

Exhibit 1:

In this photograph we see the lovely Wo-MAN Ciara posing for the camera. Now I looked for an Adam's apple and could not find one, but take a look at the facial structure. Look Closer. If I took away the hair and makeup from this photo I believe that you, at first glance, would think that this was a man playing dress up.

Exhibit 2.
Here the wo-MAN looks cute in her half-shirt but still there is something about that face that makes me wanna scream "MAN" and then run and hide under the covers.

Exhibit 3.
Here she looks a little more wo-MAN-ly but still I am not convinced. The AA boobs don't help matters much.

Exhibit 4.
At first glance I would say she looks like a definite woman in this photograph. She looks lovely in the top 2/3rds of the photo, but then I see the tummy and it automatically brings images of a prison cell mate who wants me to follow his happy trail to never-never-secret-land. Then I noticed the way her shoulders look. I want you to find a picture of an actual woman who has shoulders like that....SHEESH.

Exhibit 5.

I don't know what to say about this one! It's a nice picture and there is nothing that screams MAN about it. The face still kinda bothers me though.

First Things First: What is a Hermaphrodite?

I remember when I was in the 5th grade someone called me a Hermaphrodite in an effort to insult me and I had no idea what it meant, or what he was calling me. I laughed it off with the rest of the kids on the playground and thought nothing else of it. The person who called me a Hermaphrodite was a friend who was mad at me for some reason I can't remember just now, and I don't think even he knew the meaning of the word at the time. Of course I know the meaning now, but I am sure that there are some people out there that are quite unaware of the true meaning of the word so I shall define it as best as I can.

If we take a look at some of the creatures around us we will see that many species have a predisposition to hermaphroditic body structure or tendencies. It is most common in species of fish, less common in invertebrates, and even less common in vertebrates. In animal species it is inconceivable, if not impossible, for a hermaphrodite to impregnate itself; but in humans it is possible, yet unlikely. There have been rare cases in which the Sperm and Ova can allow conception in the parent body, but complications will arise as the DNA will be identical in both samples.

So, hypothetically, if Ciara were a hermaphrodite she could impregnate herself with her male organ, and we could have little "Ciara Clones" running down the red carpet in the future. Although this is unlikely, we can't rule it out completely!

In nature their are several classifications of Hermaphrodites. We won't cover these in detail but I shall offer a brief description of each.

The picture below is of the "Reclining Hermaphrodite"

Case 1. Simultaneous Hermaphrodites:

This is when an organism has both male and female reproductive organs at the same time. This is commonly seen in Hamlets, Earthworms, and Banana Slugs.

Case 2. Sequential Hermaphrodites:

This is when an organism is born as one sex and then transitions into the other sex at a later point in life. This type of Hermaphrodite will exist SOLELY as one sex and cannot exist as both.

Case 3. Gonadal Dysgenesis:

Gonadal dysgenesis is a type of intersexuality formerly known as "true hermaphroditism". It occurs in about one percent of mammals including humans, but it is extremely rare for both sets of organs to be functional; usually neither set is functional. In humans, these manifestations are often altered (sometimes only cosmetically) to resemble standard male or female anatomy shortly after birth. (Reference: Wikipedia Hermaphrodite article)

Ok, so there is a brief summation of what the word Hermaphrodite actually means. Now we need to examine Ciara and she if she meets the criteria! I tried to contact her publicist about this issue and she declined comment, DAMN! I then contacted her agent who told me to "Suck It" (which I thought was inappropriate due to the subject matter), so I have decided to begin this odyssey on my own. We shall now leave the world of solid fact and begin on the path of shadowy truths, assumption, and murky lies. I beg patience as this will most likely be a grueling investigation...we shall find out the truth, no matter the cost!